Our Studio

We Develop Games with Creative Gameplay and Immersive Stories

Developing imaginative New Worlds

During our game development sessions, we tend to draw inspiration from a mix of technology and culture.

Our game development studio is developing imaginative New Worlds’ games for the iOS, Android and PC machines. In addition to designing all aspects of the games, our team of experienced game developers also has the time to produce highly artistic and professional line art for the covers of each of our games.

At the same time, our web development studio is working on the online digital interactive content and the general functionality of our games. We can’t promise that all of these projects will be available to play for all backers at the same time, but they’ll be coming to you as soon as possible.





Best Value in Entertainment

With every project we take, we make sure it is well polished as well as without any errors before being published live on the market. We heavily relay on Quality and Time Management


Available on Multiple Platforms

You can see our games on Steam, as well as in your favorite mobile app store.


Strict on Deadlines

We hate to make our clients wait for their projects and ordered services. That being said we are very strict on deadlines and time slots


Meet new People

Our games will be mainly social. There you will be able to meet new people while playing and having fun together.

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