Ranger of the Dungeon

Fast-pace fun mobile rpg game about collecting loot, killing bosses, gearing up, and just having fun.

In the search for the zombie-guarded bacon, Griffin surprises even himself with his diligence and skill as a swordsman. With the help of Griffin they combined forces to defend the village and kill all the zombies!

Main Objective

The main Goal is to protect the village from the up comming wave of zombies trying to destroy the village. By playing you gain experience as well as coins. At each kill there is a chance of dropping better gear and secret key.

Proceeding to the new village is only possible by obtaining three of the secret keys. By moving to the new village the difficulty gets increased as well as new items and zombie looks will be unlocked!

The villages relay on you. Behold and protect what belongs to you soldier. Be the hero of the cities NOW!


Single player hero game packed with action!  Truly dynamic hero upgrade as well as Hundreds of Character Customization looks based on your taste!

The main idea is to collect Epic loot, Gold, Secret Scrolls and  Equipment for your character with variety of items. Battle mighty monsters in deadly turn based combat Investigate spooky PvE Random Generated Dungeons!

Released On



MoonLabs Studio


Mild Violence

File Size

78 M


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