Virtual Reality: The Future of Entertainment

One of the most fascinating things about virtual reality (VR) is the way it has evolved over time. You may have tried some basic 3D features on your smartphone or played around with the cardboard version of VR, but the technology has already come a long way since then and will continue to do so. It’s only been available in recent years, but it’s already had an impact on video games, movies, journalism, and more. Let’s take a look at how VR has evolved over time and what you can expect from this fascinating technology in the future.

History of VR

It’s been more than 30 years since a pair of Stanford University students donned cardboard boxes and played Dactyl Nightmare, a rudimentary virtual reality game that simulated flying on a computer. While technology has evolved over time, many people are still trying to solve the same problem—how to make VR an effective, immersive experience for entertainment, education and training purposes. Here’s a brief history of virtual reality.

New, immersive experiences with VR

Immersive experiences of AR and VR | MoonLabs Entertainment

Currently, there’s still a bit of a clunky factor that comes with modern VR. Headsets are usually tethered to a PC or a smartphone and only provide basic head tracking. However, with new advances in technology over time, virtual reality could eventually move toward more immersive experiences with standalone VR headsets that don’t require tethering to other devices or limit users’ range of motion.

VR Training Systems

virtual education and training systems

Despite its promise and growing fan base, virtual reality is still in its infancy. Most people don’t own headsets and aren’t entirely sure what to do with them. But thanks to companies like Psious, it doesn’t have to be that way. Psious offers virtual reality training systems that help physical therapists treat their patients using a more immersive experience—and a better understanding of what they’re up against than ever before.

VR Gaming Experiences

Ultimate VR Gaming Experience at E3 2018

One person’s future is another person’s fantasy. Now, with a technology called virtual reality (VR), those fantasies can be made into your next gaming experience. Using VR headsets like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, you can immerse yourself in video games that make it seem as if you are somewhere else—from outer space to underwater or just on a different planet altogether.

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VR Movie Viewing Experiences

Although virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, several movie studios have begun to incorporate it into their film-viewing experiences. For example, if you watch a movie through Netflix’s VR app (currently only available on Samsung phones), you can turn around to see what characters are doing behind you. Some movie theaters have begun adding headsets and special effects to their showings as well.

VR Real Estate Prospecting

The Future AR and Rearrangement of Furniture in Apartments

One of my favorite things about virtual reality is how it makes buying property easier. As we slowly move towards a world where you can walk through your future property and see what it looks like inside, there’s no reason to not buy something. If you’re in your thirties now, and want to retire comfortably in 20 years, just start looking at houses 10 years from now.

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