Popular Virtual Reality Myths – Busted

You’ll never be able to walk in virtual reality. Virtual reality technology will be so good, you won’t even want to leave your house anymore! Once virtual reality takes off, we won’t need relationships anymore! These are just some of the myths that people have been perpetuating about VR over the years, some of which aren’t true and some of which have basis in actual fact but have been blown out of proportion by the hype machine surrounding new technology.

These are some common VR myths

The first generation of VR is going to fail; expensive and super heavy head gear isn’t going to be much fun to wear, and it’s just a fad. But is any of that true? In reality, virtual reality could be very different from what we see in movies like Ready Player One. Let’s look at some common myths about metaverse. You might have heard them before, but can you say for sure they are all busted?

Myth 1 – VR headsets are too expensive

There’s a persistent belief that VR is too expensive, but it’s important to note that VR headsets are just hardware. The hardware you need in order to experience Metaverse will quickly become obsolete as technology advances, just like what happened with computer hardware and phones. Nowadays, people use computers and smartphones that cost multiple times more than what they did just a few years ago – but of course, these devices are better and faster as well.

Myth 2 – VR doesn’t have enough content

VR and its lack of content

Although there are only a few high-quality games out for VR at present, there are a number of great experiences to be had. There’s still an explosion of apps and games due out throughout 2022 that are likely to have you using your metaverse headset more than ever before. Take a look at our selection of Top 10 VR games in 2022 in today’s world.

Myth 3 – VR makes you sick

Your stomach may get a little queasy when you first start using VR, but it quickly passes (this is called motion sickness). This can happen if you’re moving your head around in a game while wearing a headset. Once you get used to how VR works, and start to develop your sense of spatial awareness, it shouldn’t happen anymore. If it does, just take off your headset for a few minutes and then put it back on.

Myth 4 – VR headset will make my life worse

Take a tour in Space by talking to your friends across the globe

When you start using a headset, you’ll get these thoughts in your head—like maybe I won’t meet anyone or I won’t have any friends. But with VR (and just like everything else), these thoughts are just myths. When you use Metaverse, we connect you to other users who are really cool and want to make friends too! As you do, they like playing games or just want to talk to someone.

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Myth 5 – I am waiting for the next generation of headsets

Quite frankly, I have my doubts. Why? Because Metaverse did not exist a year ago and already it has surpassed Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in performance at half the price of both (not to mention they only sell 10,000 units in their first year whereas Metaverse sold 100,000 in its first month). As time passes on it will keep getting better at a faster rate than other headsets because we are an open platform.

Myth 6 – I am afraid of looking stupid in front of others with a headset on

No need to worry about looking stupid in VR because you look just like yourself! Social VR does not make you look any different. People will see your avatar and never know you were experiencing virtual reality. This means that people won’t be able to tell if you’re wearing a headset, which is actually quite liberating. You can also customize your own avatar in most social VR games to add a bit of personal flair.

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