Meta’s Horizon Worlds Plans For In-App Purchases

How much money can you make from an app? Well, the answer to that question depends on the app, how it’s designed, and what other developers are doing with in-app purchases and creator bonuses. Meta’s Horizon Worlds has announced their intention to incorporate in-app purchases as well as creator bonuses into their upcoming VR/AR creation game. The team has not released any details about these bonuses, but it could mean big things for the future of the game and its creators.

Meta’s Virtual Reality Game Is Becoming More Than Free To Play

VentureBeat reported on Friday that Meta, maker of VR adventure game Edge of Nowhere, has received $10 million in additional funding from Tencent. The extra money will be used to fund development of its second major title, still unnamed and unannounced. Founder and CEO Meron Gribetz told VentureBeat that we will have bigger plans around monetization.

Meta Is Testing A Way For Users To Donate Money To Its Creators

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Meta’s new Pay to Play program will give Creators an option to charge money for their creations, and players an opportunity to pay. The revenue generated will be split 50/50 between Meta and creators. It is part of a larger move by meta to get more users invested in its content ecosystem. This is due in large part to Oculus Go having launched recently at a price point that can allow many more people access to VR experiences.

Meta Offers Creators A Way To Earn Money On Its New Horizons World

Oculus users will be able to purchase in-game content with an upcoming update. But, Meta is also offering a unique option for creators: introducing Creator Bonuses! Creators are at their best when they feel appreciated, and now they can gain that sense of appreciation by doing what they love—creating! The game itself will offer purchases in its store, but individual items within that store will be crafted by players.

Reddit Discussions On The New In-Game Purchases

According to a recent announcement by Meta (makers of popular VR game, Horizon: Zero Dawn.), there are some big changes coming to their famous IP. From what they’ve revealed, it seems that Meta will be implementing both in-game purchases and a monthly bonus for content creators on YouTube and Twitch that show off any of their games.

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Facebook Comments On Meta’s News Post

VR on Meta’s horizon is going to be bigger than VR has ever been, and we are glad to have you along for it. We’ve designed our own platforms which will soon be released so that creators can benefit from bonuses when their creations bring revenue. Look forward to more news about these plans in October as we move into a new phase of development. Thanks for your support!

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