The Metaverse Awards – The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We’ve Seen

It’s awards season again! Whether you’re a fan of the Golden Globes, the Oscars, or the Razzies, there’s plenty of reason to celebrate and / or be offended by awards given to things as diverse as films, musical artists, and video games. And now that immersive technology has grown up enough to get its own award show—the 3rd Annual Metaverse Awards, hosted by Oculus (now Meta Quest) — there’s even more reason to pay attention!

The best

Virtual Reality is becoming quite a powerful tool in today’s entertainment industry. This year, Metaverse is making it easy to see which VR experiences people found to be some of their favorite ones as well as those that may have left them wondering what they had just experienced. For entertainment, we’re leaving it up to you on whether these moments were good or bad.

“ “an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds..that can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users…””

— -Matthew Ball (entrepreneur, investor, strategist, theorist, writer and Metaverse expert)

The worst

Samsung Gear VR

VR is more than a gimmick. It’s an exciting new entertainment medium that I don’t believe many people understand yet. One company that’s doing it wrong is Samsung with its VR experiences. They often involve sitting in one spot for less than 30 minutes — hardly a full-fledged entertainment experience worthy of buying an expensive phone for.

Furthermore, what we saw at these locations were incredibly bare-bones productions; nothing looked like it was done by professionals — production value was nowhere near what you’d expect from a major studio or even something on YouTube. If they want to be taken seriously as a media company, they need to step up their game. If they don’t, no one will take them seriously and they’ll quickly fade into obscurity.

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The weirdest


VR porn is probably going to be pretty weird. You can already strap a Galaxy Gear or Oculus Rift onto your head and get into some interesting (disturbing) situations with your favorite adult actresses—the possibilities are endless. Of course you’re going to have way more control in VR worlds than you will over 2D ones—you could theoretically do something that would normally be illegal in real life without anyone knowing if you’re doing it virtually.

That means we’ll see everything from virtual prostitution to virtual sex trafficking. It’s also not clear how you can enforce any kind of rules on these environments, so we might see people being banned for no reason other than someone didn’t like them. Basically, we’re all doomed . . . but at least there’s lots of potential for hilarious videos on YouTube, Right?

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