Discord is testing new features for social gaming

Discord, the social app for gamers and streamers that allows you to text, voice chat and screen share with your friends, will soon be testing new features that many in the gaming community have been asking for, including forums and a homepage on servers that displays what’s popular in that server.

Can Discord Really Move Beyond Gaming?

Discords success lies in its social aspect, which could lend itself to other use cases. Whether Discord can successfully step out of gaming’s shadow and prove it’s a must-have app remains to be seen, but we do know one thing: Discord will keep experimenting and innovating until it finds its niche.

Why does it matter?

Discord for social interaction not only for gaming

Discord wants to be your one-stop shop for all things social and gaming, so it’s trying out some new ways to help people play together. Starting today, a few million users will get a revamped homepage that surfaces posts from servers they’re interested in (including topics like Fortnite or anime), as well as a place to post threads of their own.

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What are they really doing?

Discord moves beyond gaming

Discord has been on a steady path of growth, so it comes as no surprise that they are planning to continue creating social tools. If you’re not familiar with Discord, think of it as a combination between Teamspeak and Reddit (if those services worked well together). It’s primary appeal lies in its ability to connect users from around the world. They’ve recently added guilds and a server browser, making it easier to find servers that best suit your needs.

So what’s next?

Jason Citron (Discord CEO): NFT and Crypto Integration

We are big believers in user-generated content, and we see Discord as a platform where anyone can be a creator, Arekkah says. Our servers will always be open and we want to empower players with tools that help them easily communicate with their friends, start discussions on what’s important to them, and help make their favorite games even better.

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