10 Exciting Things to Do in VR

What’s really awesome about VR? Well, aside from the fact that it can make you feel like you’re in an entirely different world and no longer constrained by the laws of reality, there are all kinds of fun things to do in VR that go beyond gaming! Here are ten suggestions you might not have thought of before!

1) Take virtual tours

Virtual reality makes it possible for you to visit faraway places without leaving your home. From riding a roller coaster to watching a live performance, VR offers a chance for users of all ages and interests to experience something new. Are you excited about virtual reality? Have you done any fun things in VR so far? If not, here are 10 awesome ways you can have fun in VR!

2) Watch videos with friends

BigScreen VR: Watch movies, video, youtube together

One of Virtual Reality’s greatest strengths is its ability to bring people together. If you want a quick escape from your day-to-day life, gaming with friends is always a fun option—and it’s easy! There are hundreds of social apps available on both Gear VR and Oculus Rift that allow you to play popular games with anyone else who has compatible software installed. We recommend checking out Rec Room for Oculus or BigScreen Beta for Gear VR.

3) Become a superhero

Virtual reality might seem like an expensive toy for gamers, but once you get into a headset you’ll quickly see how immersive and interactive virtual reality can be. ‘Megaton Rainfall‘ is a first-person superhero game. A global alien invasion is taking place and you must face it – alone. Megaton Rainfall is our recommendation to be feeling like a superhero.

Megaton Rainfall: An alien invasion and your job is to protect the world!

4) Relax at the beach

Beach VR

Imagine you are on a virtual beach, watching waves break on a sunny day. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to just how serene and calming an experience it can be. Better yet, maybe treat yourself to some goggles so you can see those same beach scenes for real!

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5) Run races against your friends

Who needs a treadmill when you have an entire virtual world at your fingertips? Take your workouts up a notch with some friendly competition. Depending on what kind of race you run, you’ll either be running alongside someone else in VR or against them if they’re using another device.

6) Get lost on islands

Survive on a Lost Island with your friends

Virtually wandering around tropical islands can be one of virtual reality’s most immersive experiences. All you need is a little imagination (and maybe a rum drink or two).

7) Meet celebrities

What’s cooler than meeting your favorite celebrities? Why, virtually meeting them, of course! There are several opportunities that give you a chance to interact with celebs inside virtual reality—like watching a basketball game or sitting on set while they film their next blockbuster. And some concerts give you a chance to get on stage and jam out with your favorite musicians.

Watching sport games next to celebrities while in VR

8) Paint in three dimensions

Tilt Brush VR by Google

Google has touted its 3D painting tools as an example of what’s possible with Tilt Brush, but some artists have already been working on transforming how we think about 3D art. Artist Aaron Koblin recently used Tilt Brush to create a moving sculpture and Matt Muckey (of Black Swans) created animations that could only exist in virtual reality. As more people explore these possibilities, expect even more amazing work from them—and from you.

9) Visit famous landmarks

Everest VR

One of my favorite experiences is visiting famous landmarks. There’s nothing like standing on top of Mount Everest or overlooking the ancient pyramids. You can even go virtually whitewater rafting down a river with a waterfall—and you don’t have to pack for it! Better yet, if you have a large enough living room and a Rift, you can travel virtually anywhere. This is one of my favorite uses for virtual reality today.

10) Visit exotic locations

Socializing in VR | Great alternative before meeting in Real-Life

As virtual reality takes off, one of its first use cases is tourism. Whether you’re viewing 360-degree videos or traveling through an app like AltSpaceVR, these immersive experiences are unlike anything else out there—and that’s why they’re already so popular.

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