Top 10 VR games in 2022

How are we spending our time when we’re not around others? According to the most recent surveys, one of the most popular activities people participate in is gaming. With virtual reality technology improving at such a rapid pace, it’s no surprise that more and more people are turning to VR games for their entertainment needs. But what will the top 10 VR games in 2022 look like? Let’s take a look at the trends and predictions that might shape the future of this exciting industry!

1) Out of Ammo

One of my favorite VR experiences is Out of Ammo, which has recently received a huge update. The game tasks you with defending your home from an alien invasion, forcing you to use various kinds of weaponry as well as your surroundings. It’s simple and fun and captures how good VR can feel when you finally get into it. In 2032, I have a feeling Out of Ammo will be just as timeless—it might even make it to a few consoles!

2) The Climb

The Climb lets you experience what it’s like to climb one of those dangerous cliffs that have terrified all of us on our weekly hikes. The virtual reality game puts you deep into a beautiful, high-res world, with a virtual vista stretching for miles around you. When we say it’s immersive, we mean it: if you walk forward in your physical space, you will walk forward in The Climb .

3) Audioshield

Audioshield is a VR rhythm game that lets you hit orbs with colored shields, block lasers and duck under lightning bolts.

Audioshield – Air Punching Music Rhythm Game

It’s one of our favorite ways to exercise while playing video games, and it’s even fun if you aren’t looking to work out at all. The challenges are hard enough to keep you engaged without being so difficult that they become frustrating.

4) Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja’s motion-control system made for a prime candidate to be adapted for virtual reality, and it was one of many breakout successes from indie game studio Halfbrick Studios. Simply holding your hand out as if you were holding an actual sword is all it takes to slice fruit in Fruit Ninja VR.

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5) BlazeRush

In a year from now, we’ll still be playing fun games like Rocket League and Fallout 4 – but we’ll also have access to a wide array of new experiences. One game I’m looking forward to is BlazeRush, which brings arcade racing and online competition to virtual reality. The four-player title boasts colorful visuals and tight gameplay, as well as built-in voice chat for gamers who want to trash talk their opponents.

6) Eve Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie’ Space Ace

Imagine being strapped into a seat in a fighter jet. Now imagine that your fighter jet is actually an advanced alien spacecraft, and you’re not sitting behind two-inches of steel but instead standing on top of it. That’s Eve Valkyrie, one of our favorite virtual reality experiences to date. If you have an Oculus Rift headset (or are willing to buy one), check out Eve Valkyrie; it’s worth every penny—and then some.

7) Headmaster

Headmaster offers a hilarious, engaging story and memorable characters that keep you glued to your headset until completion. It’s not only a great fit for PlayStation VR, but also one of my favorite games of all time. Here’s why: The creators of Portal and Left 4 Dead teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to bring us Headmaster, which has earned rave reviews from industry critics since its initial release on PlayStation VR earlier this year.

Headmaster Extra Time Edition

Escape from jail by heading soccer balls (and different things). All things considered it’s anything but a jail, it’s The Football Improvement Center. Perhaps escape is too solid a word. You want to graduate. Indeed, yes… graduate. Partake in your visit!

8) Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts is a game set in a near-future world of robot telemarketers, evil CEOs, and biological mind control. The demo lets you play an office worker sneaking around their futuristic apartment complex to fight off killer robots. From developer Neat Corporation comes a high-wire stealth/action experience that’s equal parts Spy vs. Spy, RoboCop, and Metal Gear Solid —with some Portal thrown in for good measure.

9) Arizona Sunshine

Zombie Shooter ‘Arizona Sunshine’

Arizona Sunshine is a zombie shooter that is pretty much exactly what you’d expect. You play as a cowboy and shoot at zombies until they die. The graphics are great and gameplay is satisfying, Arizona Sunshine sets itself apart from many other shooters by having full locomotion for you to use instead of teleportation-based controls. There are two maps and multiple game modes that add to replayability.

10) Subnautica

A Tale of Two Underwater VR Game

Subnautica is an open-world survival game with a focus on exploration. As an astronaut marooned on an alien planet, you must find your way back home by harvesting resources, building tools and vehicles and keeping yourself alive. The Oculus Rift version of Subnautica features extra missions where you are able to pilot a submarine around oceanic environments.

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