How the Video Game Industry Is Changing in Ways You Didn’t Know

The video game industry has seen major changes in recent years with the rise of streaming services, the popularity of eSports and competitive gaming, and the increasing inclusion of diverse characters. Here are five ways that the video game industry is changing in ways you might not have known about if you haven’t been paying attention. Even if you have been paying attention, we hope that you learn something new from this post!

The video game industry is changing

Franchises like Call of Duty are bringing in more money than ever, and it’s poised to surpass movies and music in earnings by 2020. While we once had a handful of gaming companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft), we now have a wide range of competitors emerging – mostly mobile gaming businesses that focus on high-quality games with low operating costs. With all these changes happening fast, here’s what every gamer needs to know about how our favorite pastime is changing

Here’s how the video game industry will change over the next decade

Retromobe | Space Invaders 1978

For decades, video games have followed a fairly simple formula. There’s some setup (you buy a game, you insert it into your console), there’s some fun stuff that happens on screen, and then there’s usually some sort of payoff (you win or lose). That basic structure hasn’t changed much since Space Invaders was first released to arcades way back in 1978.

What’s Happening to Nintendo?

The video game industry has gone through many changes since its inception. In fact, every few years a new company dominates. At one point it was Atari and now it’s Nintendo. In 2013, Microsoft became king of gaming with their Xbox One but that position hasn’t lasted long. The only constant is change so what will happen to Nintendo? Are they on their way out?

Nintendo Switch OLED Model – Bundles

Other Players Are Coming Up

STEAM | Think Netflix, but for PC games

A large portion of market share for video games is currently owned by Sony and Microsoft, but companies like Valve are trying to change that. The Steam platform began as a digital store before becoming a robust game delivery service—think Netflix, but for PC games.

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What To Expect From The Future Of Virtual Reality

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